Post Three Mile Island Incident

March 1979-1989 There were more articles found for this time period, which rationally could be expected, just accounting for the increase in population and academia. With this increase in articles, there were many more documents (and thus words) to add to the Voyant corpus. This can make a few of the visualizations, especially the mandala… Continue reading Post Three Mile Island Incident

Pre-3 Mile Island Incident

1969-Early 1979 Fewer articles were found for the earlier years in this time period in the database used (zero for 1970, one for 1969, 1971 for example). A full scale corpus was still able to be created and can be analyzed with the various Voyant tools in this post. Here are a few useful summaries… Continue reading Pre-3 Mile Island Incident

Week 7 Project Proposal

Nuclear Power: Accidents and Social Views This project will aim to examine the link between nuclear power accidents and society‚Äôs view on nuclear power. Although it may seem that nuclear energy is a concept deeply rooted in hard sciences, it is intrinsically tied to society and politics, in part due to its history and the… Continue reading Week 7 Project Proposal