Post Three Mile Island Incident

March 1979-1989

There were more articles found for this time period, which rationally could be expected, just accounting for the increase in population and academia. With this increase in articles, there were many more documents (and thus words) to add to the Voyant corpus. This can make a few of the visualizations, especially the mandala a bit hectic looking but they are still readable and can provide even more year to year information. Below are summaries of the 1979-89 corpus and some links to the more colourful analysis tools.

Note: similarly to some of the articles from the 1969-79 period, some articles came without the metadata of their abstracts. This is noted by the “(no abstracts)” markers next to the documents.

Links to other data visualizations for the 1979-89 period:

More information on Voyant Tools can be found here

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