My Omeka Experience

Week 2

The installation and creation of a subdomain and my omeka website pretty much went off without a hitch. The making of my item was where I ran into a few issues. I could upload my pictures (just downloaded to my computer from my google photos) but when I published it they had no thumbnails images. I figured it was the issue pointed out to me by Omeka; the ImageMagick application needed a directory path, but I had no idea what I was supposed to put in there to make it work. Did a bit of searching on Omeka question forums, tried a few things and eventually got the right path.

As for another website that uses Omeka, the Omeka site itself has a showcase page, specifically showing off websites that put Omeka to good use. I chose one of these, Louis Prang and Chromolithography. It can be found at

A preview of the website American Antiquarian.

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